Friday, April 13, 2012


Stone was installed within the last two days.  PM wasn't able to meet me at the house, so it was the first time that I got to just be in the house.  Drywall has been hung.  Some tape and mud has been done.  PM allowed two weeks for drywall, so he plans to have it primed and first coat of paint by next Friday.  Here are some pics:
From across the circle
From "the spot"
Stone Mountain Clay siding, Bucks County Ledgestone
and brown shutters
Laundry room with my favorite window

Bonus room (I'm not sure what he is doing,
but I didn't send him to the corner!)

Fireplace (can't wait to see it get stoned)

View of kitchen from family room

Morning Room

Finished basement area with more
finished under the morning room.
No, it isn't snowing in the basement.
That's just all the dust floating in the air!

 I absolutely love the stone.  I'm so glad we decided to go with it after initially thinking we'd be happy with just siding.  I'm sure we would have been, but the stone is just beautiful!


  1. Gorgeous! I have to disclose, we went with the same exterior choices for our Venice. I love how they work together. It really comes together on your bigger Verona.

    We went with a wine colored door - cant quite recall the name of the color.

    1. Our front door will be Fine Wine. I'm guessing that's the color you'll have too. I'm so relieved that it all looks great together after picking from tiny swatches.

    2. That sounds right. I love it!

  2. The stone looks great! It adds character!

  3. The selections are beautiful!

  4. The stone is beautiful! It really makes the house stand out and give it character. We were just talking, oh we can be fine with just siding...we don't need brick or stone. Your photos are making me question that.

    1. I would drive through a few neighborhoods and see what you think. We would have been fine with just siding. It's what we have now. However, the houses we looked at with the stone just convinced us that that was something we wanted to spend the money on now as other cosmetic items on the interior could be done later.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love your colors and how everything is coming together!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Great job making your color selections!

  7. I like the laundry room window a lot!

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    1. Noey, I see you comment on a lot of the blogs I follow. I tried to see your blog but it's blocked?