Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Day Follow-Up

Our 30 follow-up service was today.  There were a few minor touch-ups to be done along with more major issues to correct.  Our PM came out to the house last week to inspect the more serious issues to have a plan of attack ready.

1.  The master bathtub would creak whenever anyone stepped in it.  The plumber filled the tub with water to weigh it down and then sprayed foam insulation through the access panel under the tub.  We have to leave the water in for 24 hours and then we'll find out if the foam was successful in supporting the tub.

2.  The glass for the master shower enclosure is severely scratched.  PM will call the manufacturer and order a new piece of glass.

3.  Squeaks in laminate flooring were fixed and creaking the vinyl flooring was fixed.  There is still a squeak under the vinyl that will be fixed later as it was just found yesterday and the flooring guy didn't have the proper tools to fix it today.

4.  We had creaking all along the main traffic pattern through the family room.  We never noticed it until we closed on the house.  PM and the handyman determined that the sound was wood related, so they had to open the drywall in the finished basement soffit and screwed the 2x4s and joists which eliminated the sound.

5.  We have some window issues.  On about half of our windows, the seal on the bottom of the one side has failed.  This has caused damage to the window sills.  PM said that he knows of another house where 15 windows had to be replaced.  He will be submitting a claim to the window company and they will have to replace the windows and the sills.

6.  When our stoop was poured, it was still getting cold at night.  To protect the concrete, the contractor covered the stoop.  The cover apparently moved because it looks like something was dragged through the wet cement.  PM had his concrete guys come out and look at it.  There is nothing they can do short of removing the stoop.  They were going to do that this week, but we were having furniture delivered finally (another post on that will be coming) so it will be done after the 4th.

7.  Our shutters on the stone front are not attached so that they lay flat.  PM will contact the stone mason.

8.  Flashing over the garage door needs to be nailed down and there is a dent a trim piece on the gable over the garage.  The siders will be back to fix.

9.  Various paint touch-ups were done and the paint on the sides of the fireplace was removed.

10.  The edges of many of the interior doors were rough.  PM said this has been a complaint from other PMs.  Doors were sanded down and the paint touched up.

Our handyman is on crutches due to a broken heel, so our PM actually did some of the work too.  I was greatly impressed with how accommodating our PM was with everything that I asked.  His answer to everything was "We'll take care of it."  Definitely happy with how things are being handled.  As much as I wish issues didn't arise, I am please with how they are being resolved.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Partial House Tour

Since I always enjoy seeing pictures, I thought I would post some of our rooms.  They are not finished by any means, but they are coming along.

Kids Bath

Looks clean, doesn't it?
That's because I cleaned before I took the picture.
Three kids does not a clean bathroom make!

Master bath from bedroom

To make up for only one towel rack, I bought a
towel stand to hang washcloths.

Love the shower, but I'm going to have to steal another
blogger's idea to use privacy film on that window!

Master bedroom view from upstairs hall

Love having the second floor laundry!
No more hauling laundry up and down the steps.

Dining room, aka piano room.
I will probably lower the chandelier a bit more.

Study, aka my craft room

Sadly, there are still more boxes to unpack in this room and
more to transport from the old house.

We are slowly but surely getting settled.  We love our house and our new neighborhood.  We've met a lot of neighbors, and they are all very friendly.  The kids and pets have adjusted well.  I will post more pictures soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enjoying the breeze!

Hubby installed our new family room ceiling fan tonight. It was a bear to put up, but we're very pleased with the look and the air movement. Now, if we only had our furniture. We ordered from LaZBoy almost eight weeks ago, and we're still waiting. We can't wait to be able to sit on furniture instead of the floor.

Zoomed: Harbor Breeze 60" Saratoga Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan
This is the picture from the website which gives a better
representation of the colors.  
Our furniture for the room (when it ever gets here) is more modern looking, so we thought this was a good blend of modern and traditional (which is more of what our kitchen is).   I'm just so happy to not be looking at a light bulb sticking out of the ceiling anymore!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Move In Day Has Arrived!

We are finally moving in.  The kids finished school Wednesday.  Thus ensued the mad dash to finish packing.  The advantage to not having sold our current house yet is that we don't have to have everything moved out.  We will be coming back a few more times to load up the non-essentials.

We are going to miss our neighbors and the wonderful memories that we've made in this house, but we look forward to all the new memories we will make.  We are going to have a full house tomorrow with both of my sisters-in-law and their families, so we are excited to show them the house and just hang out together.

Pictures to follow once we have internet up and running tomorrow.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kitchen Additions

Though we closed on the house a week ago, we still won't live there for another week.  The kids are finishing up school, so we've just been making a few trips when we can with boxes and such.  I took the kids over tonight, and while they played, I assembled the kitchen stools.  They were a breeze to put together.  Each one took under 15 minutes.  I bought them from  I highly recommend them...great products, great prices, and free (and fast) shipping.

I really like how I can put a stool at the end of the peninsula
so that all three kids have plenty of room.

Just a random kitchen pic :)

My huge fridge.  It is 31 cu. ft. of awesomeness!
And since everyone else is posting pictures of blinds this week, I didn't want to be left out.  The pictures aren't great because of the sun, but I have proof that something has been accomplished:

J's room

N's room

L's room
The next project will involve ceiling fans and lights, but it looks like that will happen after we move.  One week left to pack!!!