Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House Tour, Part 2

Here are a few more rooms that, while not finished, are at least presentable.

Morning room chandelier

This is my biggest steal so far for the house.  It was originally $189.  I saw it on clearance for $89, but still wasn't sure what I wanted for that room.  One day while wandering through Lowe's, I saw it sitting, fully assembled, on a shelf in a completely unrelated aisle.  It was marked down to $47.  I made sure it could be returned if it didn't work.  We only needed to add a $3 part to make it work and there it is!

Another view of the lovely chandelier

I opted not to take a picture of DH hanging the light.  That vaulted ceiling is pretty high.  He ended up putting his 6 foot step ladder on top of our table in order to reach.  Don't try this at home, kids!

Our family room furniture finally arrived.  It took almost 10 weeks!

You can't tell in this picture, but the feet of the two sofas are two different colors of wood.
 I'm trying to decide how much it bugs me.

I love our fireplace!  

This sofa sleeper was supposed to go in the finished basement area under the morning room.  However, I failed to take into account the small hallway that contains the basement door. There was no way for the movers to swing a 92" couch through the hall and doorway.  So, there it sits in our living room.  It will probably end up in our bonus room as it is not what I envisioned in my living room.  But, it works for now.

That computer armoire houses the kids' computer so that it is out in the open.  

Powder room

Those two pictures are held by the first two nails to be put into the house by us.
I like to wait until I am absolutely sure where I want something before putting holes in the wall.
So, we still have lots of plain walls!

Just a little corner stand to try to draw attention away from the large vent cover.
Tomorrow begins some major deconstruction and reconstruction on the house.  They will be removing the columns to replace the stoop, repairing windows, removing the bathtub to determine why it's creaking (which involves removing tile) and fix the squeak in the kitchen floor.  I'm trying to remain calm :)