Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Blog Picture and Other News

Although these are not the colors we chose for our exterior, we finally have a picture with our elevation, stone and bonus room over the garage.

We visited our lot this weekend and finally were able to put up the sold sticker on our lot sign.  We also visited the model for the first time since October.  It's 50 minutes away and we've stayed away as not to get our hopes up.  Whenever we are at the model, we don't want to leave.  But, soon, it will be ours!

While we were at the model, our current house was being shown.  The people liked the house and we are on their short list.  We are hoping they want to buy our house so that we can just focus on the new house.  I'm tired of getting the house ready for showings :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We Have Dates!

Our pre-construction meeting has been set for February 22 and our dig date is tentatively February 29.  When we signed our original purchase agreement way back in August, our SR put February 29 as the delivery date.  So, apparently she has some psychic abilities and knew that something would happen with our house on the 29th of February!

Our tentative delivery date is May 11.  That does not seem like much time.  It's only a little over 10 weeks.  We'll see what our PM has to say at our pre-con.

Any advice for the pre-con meeting?  I plan to make a spreadsheet with our options, room-by-room, as I think I remember BD doing.  We have changed so many things that I want to ensure that nothing is missed.

After all of the hustling to get all of our paperwork in to NVR and Ryan, we now get to sit and wait until the end of next month.  I suppose I could get a head start on packing, but what fun would it be to have that done ahead of time? LOL!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Post I've Been Waiting to Write, Some Changes and Non-Standard Requests

We have approval to lift our contingency!!!  While we haven't yet sold our house, we are hopeful that it will sell this spring.  We are meeting with our SR tomorrow to sign the papers to lift the contingency.  We are looking at a mid-May delivery date.  Our SR and loan officer have been fantastic

In other news, we have changed our exterior color selections to Stone Mountain Clay siding, Bucks County stone, Brown shutters, white trim and Fine Wine door.

We also have to sign off on a non-standard request: we are extending the wood laminate flooring to the edge of the stairs, continue through the hall to the study and into the powder room.  Being that we have kids we wanted them to be able to get from the front door to the powder room without walking on the carpet. 

We cannot wait to begin building.  It's finally going to happen!