Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Blog Picture and Other News

Although these are not the colors we chose for our exterior, we finally have a picture with our elevation, stone and bonus room over the garage.

We visited our lot this weekend and finally were able to put up the sold sticker on our lot sign.  We also visited the model for the first time since October.  It's 50 minutes away and we've stayed away as not to get our hopes up.  Whenever we are at the model, we don't want to leave.  But, soon, it will be ours!

While we were at the model, our current house was being shown.  The people liked the house and we are on their short list.  We are hoping they want to buy our house so that we can just focus on the new house.  I'm tired of getting the house ready for showings :)


  1. Look at that big beautiful house! =)

    Congrats again! I hope that your current home sells quickly!

  2. Oh man, showing your house is the WORST thing ever. Im not a slob, but not a neat freak either - I think I drove my BF crazy running through the house vacuuming, wiping, spraying febreze...sounds like they may want to give your house a second look - very promising! Love the bonus room over the garage, I wasnt aware that was an option.