Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Room...A Work in Progress

We have finally put some paint on the walls!  As previously mentioned, we took advantage of the Sherwin Williams' color consultation and 40% off sale.  I started with the morning room as painting it would not disrupt our life too much (the kids mostly eat at the peninsula anyways), and I wanted to see if I liked the paint.  Would it really be worth the extra cost of the paint versus Valspar, Behr, etc.?

We selected the Duration paint in the Matte finish in Spiced Cider.  It took two coats (as planned) and four days (not planned).  I pretty much just painted one wall at a time.  Between all our activities, that's all I had time to do.

Without further ado, here are some pictures:

You'll notice that we didn't paint the window returns.  I liked the contrast of the white paint there.  We plan to add white wood blinds.  I originally didn't plan to do blinds, but with the curtains closed, it seems too dark.  I will get tiebacks for the curtains.  I also have another rod and set of curtains to hang on the wall with the french doors.

Finally, we think we've found our new table.  It's from Ashley Furniture.
It has two leaves to extend up to 100" and will seat 10.

I think I prefer these side chairs.  There are also two servers:

It was definitely the most difficult room to paint.  We only have a 6' stepladder, and given the fact that I'm only 5'4", it was quite a challenge painting the wall adjoining the kitchen that is vaulted to 13'!  But, I am so happy to have some color on the walls.  On to the next room...