Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Siding Update

Per our PM, the shutters that were sent out were the wrong color as well, so those have already been re-ordered. The siding has been re-ordered and will possibly be in to the distributor in the next couple of days. Once it is in, then the siders will come out and remove the remaining Beige that is on the house and install the Stone Mountain Clay. The only thing that it may delay is the stone install on the front of the house. Otherwise, everything will move forward.

Our pre-drywall meeting is tomorrow.  I haven't been to the house in almost two weeks, so I'm anxious to go.  I was hoping to see the house fully sided at the meeting, but that will have to wait.  Any advice regarding our meeting, i.e., what to look for and what to ask?

Here is the latest picture from "the spot:"


  1. If you have any interest in insulating your garage, now would be the time. Also if you have a second floor laundry room, adding insulation to the ceiling below will help cut down on laundry noise. We did both. You will have to ask your PM but it seems most are ok with this. Also make sure all your light switches and power outlets are where you want them. It is much easier to move them pre drywall.

    1. I wish our PM was flexible in this. We brought it up during our pre-con meeting and he told us we were not allowed. We got turned down on most "extra" things we asked about: putting in insulation, having the concrete guys extend the driveway when they pour it, asking to have a say in where the half hots are placed, separating the lights in the basement into zones since we are finishing more of the basement than usualy, etc. He repeatedly told us he was there to build us the house that we contracted - nothing more, nothing less. While he does seem to be on top of things, a little flexibility would be nice.

    2. If hes still being a turd I would ride him like nobody's business. Every soda can on the floor, crooked switch, bad quality stud, stain or chipped item, let him have it, and then slam him for cust svc in the survey. Good Luck.

  2. J is right on all accounts, as I went through the house almost daily, I was checking all outlets, switched receptacles are noted with an SR on the wall stud, or you can trace the light switch to its target and see if it will work for you.

    - I shook probably every wall stud and found some that gave a little, they shouldn't move at all,
    - make sure all of your plumbing is braced,
    - no visible signs of daylight from inside the house anywhere, we actually had a wall that you could see right through the seam of plywood,
    - check the floors for protruding edges and gouges making sure each sheet lies flat on all sides as this will interfere with whatever flooring you install.
    - check your exterior doors for ease of closing behavior,
    - open and close all windows, and check EACH lock (2 per window), sometimes the windows are not even and you will have difficulty later on.
    - I forget who but a recent user had water coming in through her outdoor outlets, make sure all of the insulating foam has good enough coverage, it wouldn't hurt to bring your own can and foam up every crevice as you're walking with the PM. They wont mind.

    that's all i can think of right now, Ill update if I think of more