Friday, April 6, 2012

Pre-drywall Meeting

Our pre-drywall meeting was yesterday.  Our PM walked us through the house, pointing out all the switches, plugs, vents, cold air returns, cable jacks, phone jacks, etc.  The insulation was done in most of the house, except for the garage (which they were working on while we were there) and the basement.  Everything looked good.  PM answered all our questions and was very thorough in his explanations.  The light switches are all in logical places which was a relief as others have had issues with that.

Our final walkthrough will be May 23, exactly as PM had predicted at our pre-construction meeting.  Closing and getting our keys will be May 25, so we will have the long holiday weekend to install blinds, fans and do some moving before our big move two weeks later.

The Stone Mountain Clay siding had already been delivered when we got there.  The siding crew had already removed the Autumn Beige siding and had started to install the corner trim pieces.  They will put up the rest of the siding on Monday.  The crew is Amish, so they are not working on Good Friday.  The stone had also been delivered.

The next two weeks have been dedicated to drywall.  I can't wait to see the finished walls.

Here are a few pics:

Gas fireplace with blower and remote

It's pretty much impossible to see in this picture, but there is a small
white strip of barrier material placed under the framing of the
basement so that the wood does not touch the concrete.  
Finished area of the basement awaiting insulation
Another pleasant surprise - Our PM has our sump pump
running so that we don't have to deal with any water in
the basement.  It was bone dry downstairs!

80 gallon hot water thank - We should never run
out of hot water!

Furnace with dual heat system
The only portion of our house with siding :)

And yes, it is the right color this time!

Picture from "the spot"
Rear/side view
Rear view

Can't wait to see the siding up next week! (Sorry for the crazy picture arrangement.  Blogger and I aren't friends today!)


  1. whats that little cubby sticking out, back center? i can't remember.

    1. I think you mean the fireplace. It's gas, so there's no chimney.

  2. Great progress Rachel! Things are moving along quickly now --Ericka

  3. We got the dual heat system too. I think that it will be a worthwhile investment over time.

    1. My parents have had dual heat systems in their last two houses and have loved them. Their energy bills are quite a bit less, so I'm hoping that it pays for itself in no time.