Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick Update

We met with our PM today to do a "pre-walkthrough" walkthrough since he is unable to be there for our official walkthrough.  The PM who is filling in for our walkthrough was there today as well.  He seems very knowledgeable and even helped with pointing small flaws.

Many of the touch ups had been done, but as I tend to be a bit OCD, I found many more that were then all marked with blue tape.  Both our PM and the other PM didn't seem to mind all that we pointed out, and even said that they would rather take care of them now than later.  Everything was very minor imperfections (paint drips here and there, spots where carpet layers had nicked the woodwork, etc.).  We examined each room, except that we realized after we left that we never got to the study or the powder room.  Just goes to show you how much room we will have :)

The house was supposedly cleaned, but if that's the final clean, then I'll have my work cut out for me once we close.  The carpet had been vacuumed and the hard surface flooring seems to have been swept, but I guess I was expecting it to be a lot cleaner.

I don't recall if I mentioned previously, but I was not happy with the placement of the light post.  It was about 2 feet from the sidewalk and 5 feet from the driveway.  I asked our PM if it could be moved so that it was equidistant from both.  He took care of that today and it now looks so much better.

It's a bad angle, but there was a truck parked
in front of the house, so it was the best we could do.

The front door is now painted.  They painted it brown, but it was supposed to be Fine Wine.  We had been a little worried that the Fine Wine would be a little too pink, so we're just going to stick with the brown.  They also changed the hardware on the front door from a plain knob to a lever on the outside.  I forgot to check the inside!

We also have our house numbers.  I didn't even notice until DH pointed them out:

The next few days are touch ups and city inspections.   Monday is the quality inspection.  Next Wednesday we close and Friday we get our keys.  Somehow, it seems like it's been forever to get to this point and also seems like we just broke ground yesterday.  


  1. Oh yes, the cleaning they do is not a real clean. It's more so they don't give you the house totally gross. Just sort of gross. :)

  2. I like the brown door! Is that the color of your shutters too? Looks great!

  3. I swear I was still feeling all kinds of grit on the floors. Guess I know what I'll be doing as soon as we get the keys...

  4. We had an identical day as well and yes it was still dusty, the PM did say that his cleaning crew was coming back before the official walkthrough. And just like everyone else on the May closing team were having a pre-walkthrough on Friday to lessen any suprises, we did find a few things that were not on his final punch list, so good deal on that one.

  5. The light post does look better there, good call.

  6. Love the door! And the light post does look better in the new spot! Can't wait to see the inside all cleaned up...or semiclean at least!

  7. Is every light post in that area in your neighborhood? Our's is in the corner where the sidewalk to the front door and driveway meet.

    1. The light posts are optional, and it seems that not many chose them since we do have street lights. However, since our sales rep was only at our model for the first time that we met with her, we didn't realize that there were street lights. We were always meeting her elsewhere.

      The one other house where I've actually noticed the light post has it where you described. I "assumed" ours would be there as well. Lesson learned: Never assume anything!

  8. Your home looks amazing! Congratulations on your closing.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Good luck at closing!