Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Final Changes

Our last and final change was made today.  I was never convinced that the tile we chose for our master bath was what I really wanted.  I wasn't sure that we would be able to change it this late in the game, but our SR came through and let us change it.  We have changed it to:

Wisteria Tortoise Mosaic Border

Stratford Place Truffle 

We also changed all of our plumbing, lighting and door hardware to the oil rubbed bronze.  Our SR mentioned that we are her thickest file!  I bet she can't wait to be done with us.  She has been very patient :)

Our pre-construction meeting is tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to meeting our PM, going over our dates and seeing our lot staked.

Finally, we have decided to switch realtors.  We've had our house listed for 6 months and not had a single offer.  We've also had to correct our listing information (what she originally submitted and then needed an update since our description still referenced Thanksgiving in January), so we are letting our contract expire with her on Wednesday and listing with another realtor on Thursday.  Hopefully, this will help!


  1. I hope someone comes along and finds your old house to be just what they need. I'm so glad we did not have to deal with selling an old house. Building was enough for me to deal with this time.

    If you have the thickest file I think it means you are putting a lot of thought into what you are doing - good for you!

  2. I love the tile and border combo! Great choice

  3. What a beautiful bathroom you'll have! =)

    GL on your previous home. Hope the new realtor can get it sold quickly for you!

  4. I agree with Tammi - be proud of that thick file - you'll be happy you made those changes. I absolutely love that tile for the bathroom! Gorgeous! Hope all goes well at the meeting. You'll have a big old hole any day now! GL with the sale of your current place. The market should be picking up as spring starts. You'll be under contract in no time :)

  5. Thanks everyone. I listed the house yesterday and hopefully we have it sold this spring. We are just so tired of showing the house. I want to get started on packing and I don't want to get in the middle of a project and have to hurry to clean up for a showing.