Thursday, November 10, 2011

Contingency Update

After speaking with our loan officer, we got approval to go ahead with the build.  However, we opted not to start.  As much as we wanted to move forward, we are concerned with selling our current home.  We live in a great neighborhood, but we haven't had many showings.  If we were getting people looking at our home consistently, we would be less worried about moving ahead with the build.  But, in the 2.5 months our house has been listed, we've only had two showings :(

We've decided to move to the lot next to the one that we originally wanted.  I personally don't know if I could live next door to the lot we really wanted, but time will tell.

We are also considering other nearby communities that might have better lots available.  There are so many communities in the area where we want to be that we have options still.  Though it's not what we had originally planned, we choose to see it as a blessing in disguise to force us to look at other options that may end up being better.

Thanks for all your support everyone :)


  1. I understand your apprehension. We took the gamble of building while selling. We got a couple of "very interested" showings, but nothing as of yet.
    Good Luck

  2. @ Sgt.Rich - Good luck with your sale. We got burned once before going that route which only increases our apprehension. We ended up paying two mortgages for 9 months. Not fun! We weren't willing to end up in that situation again.

  3. can't say I blame you! I have a back up plan to rent and may already have a renter lined up. So I am optimistic it will work out one way or another.

  4. We had the same thing...3 months and 2 people to look. We were trying to sell my townhouse which is in a great location/neighborhood.
    My husband decided to see if we could get a renter instead and sure enough in 2 weeks we had 20...yes 20!!! people come to look at it! We also rent the house my hub bought before we got married. We love our renters!