Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just for Fun!

I added a closing widget just for fun.  It is based on our estimated delivery date.  It means absolutely nothing since we are contingent, but it's something to shoot for.  We plan to drop our sales price if nothing happens in the next week or two, so we hope that will mean a quick sale so that we can follow our projected timeline.  Besides, I'm bored :)


  1. It's certainly encouraging to see the seconds, minutes, hours and days count down! That's why i added one to my blog as well, even though at that point we were well over the 200 day mark! It gives me hope, haha.

  2. Thanks Rachel, I noticed some of our selections were the same...great taste! I hope your home sells quickly so you can begin your new home journey! Looking forward to seeing your home come about :-)

  3. I know the feeling...we didn't have a contingency contract, but when we signed our contract last December we got RH to agree to a June start date which gave us time to sell 1 of the 2 houses we had to sell. We needed just about all of those 6 months, but the day we sold house #1 we wanted to break ground that afternoon...we had to wait another 3 weeks...

    We also had an interesting experience with selling the first house...we were getting lots of showings and everyone who came thru said it was priced right, but no one made an offer...we finally lowered the price by $16K and had 8 showings the first week, but everyone who came thru said that the house was overpriced...we did sell it to one of those showings though...I guess we dropped the price enough to get the attention of a different set of demographics...go figure!!!