Monday, February 4, 2013

Survey Work

As many have advised, I waited until after the 30 day fixes were complete before sending my survey. I put it off until we had been in the home for a few months because I wanted a chance to experience the home for a bit to be able to accurately assess the home. Unfortunately, there were so many issues that I couldn't give out the coveted 10s on the overall home. There were segments of the home that I rated highly, but others that were just carelessly done that couldn't receive high marks. All of the individuals that we worked with were great, so they all received 10s. I went into great detail on the survey as to likes and dislikes, and I was happy to find that the survey allowed comments on individual areas.

Fast forward a few months, and I got a call from our PM. I gave him high praise on the survey because he was excellent to work with. However, I'm sure it didn't go we'll for him when our survey was received. I felt I needed to be honest in the survey, but I didn't want it to reflect badly on him. His schedule was very busy, so he wasn't able to come out until November. We spent a couple hours going through every room in the house. I was able to point out every issue, and he took detailed notes and pictures. I was given the option of having the work done then, or waiting until after the holidays. We opted for after the holidays since it was going to take a full week. The first full week that our PM could be here was this week.

Here's a rundown of items they are fixing and some pics:
Laminate flooring and transitions cut too short
Laminate transition seams not flush
Laminate floor creaking and crackling due to binding up under trim
Water damage to window seal
Many drywall issues including kitchen counter pulling away from the wall
All small walls not being square (drywall repair and new trim)
Window that has been repaired twice being replaced as it is still leaking
Hump in middle of basement bath floor
The planned joints in the basement concrete floor were never filled, so every crack is felt through the carpet. They are pulling up the carpet one half at a time to fill the cracks.
One of the fireplace stones sticks out at the bottom by about an inch and a half and will be replaced.
New mirror for powder room since ours had a flaw right in the middle

PM has set aside a whole week and is planning to be here most of the time so that he can supervise (and I'm sure he doesn't ever want to have to come back!). I have to say that I could totally understand him having an attitude with me, but he has been nothing but helpful. Also, all of the workers have been very respectful (though they all make me feel old by calling me ma'am!).


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely make sure I look out for these things when I get to that point.

  2. It's your job to be honest. I think you were fair.

  3. We have had similar problems with workmanship. Like the PM and his guy but annoyed you have to point out the obvious or it doesn't get fixed. And things that come up after the 30 day and you've done your you go to make a service ticket.

  4. I wish I would have read your post a few days ago, I jut put in my survey and we are only about 40 days out now. There are still so many little things that drive me nuts and I thought to just brush it off, I was being picky. I should have taken more time :(

    1. There were many more things that I could have mentioned, but I just focused on the bigger ones that I couldn't easily fix myself. I have found that the painters RH hires are just awful. Honestly, I have stopped asking them to fix paint because they do such a terrible job. I will add a post with the results of our survey work, but I'm mostly satisfied with what they did, minus the painting.

  5. Can you tell me if sound is an issue for you. I read one blog where they said that people talking downstairs could be heard in the bedroom. Can you share your experience.

    1. Sid, I don't find that we have an issue with sound traveling through the house. It's really quite quiet. The only sound issue I have is that the master bath drain pipe runs right through the family room. So, anytime anyone flushes or showers, it is pretty noisy in the family room. Our PM did not allow us to come in and insulate before drywall, so our only option would be to rip out the wall and insulate. I don't think it bothers me that much yet! Are you building?